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Random Shit [Apr. 10th, 2005|11:13 pm]
[i need some lovin' 'cause i feel |tiredtired]
[dancin' on my bed and singin' |some techno shit]

Dude, I haven't written in a longass time. Here's some shit to keep you fascinated. . .

Your LiveJournal Love Life
LJ Username
You are lusted after by: xendorslayer
You will be seen naked by: xendorslayer
You will have casual sex with: m4trix
You will be loved by: m4trix
You will fall in love with: trampolineness
You will end up with: xendorslayer
This Quiz by butterkitty - Taken 104448 Times.
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What swear word are you?
Full Name
Your word of choice Damn
Why you swear You have a lot of anger that needs to come out.
Your motto Move Bitch, get out my way!
This quiz by Thy Beloved - Taken 90786 Times.
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What percentage of you is innocent?
Survey Says: - 1%
But you never think about sex! FALSE
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How sexy are you?
You are this sexy: - 78%
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Your Sexiness & Sexual Future!
First & Middle Names
Favorite Color
Zodiac Sign
How Hot Are You? Hot as Hell!
You Will Have Sex This Week TRUE
# of Future Sexual Partners 10
$ Someone Would Pay to Be With You $313.73
Your Sexiness Rating - 50%
Your Sexual Future (8) - As I see it, yes. - (8)
This QuickKwiz by DeniDen - Taken 33136 Times.
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Secretly thinking, "Is all that true? Hmm, I wonder. . ."

Favourite Color
Is some one in love with you right now heck yes
are you in love right now YES!
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That is so true.

Who is your lj soul mate?
LJ Username
Your SoulMate bewhatyouhate
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what drug are you?
you are acid-you like to have converations with talking trees and floating pig fairies..good times good times
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I'm crazier than that, fuck yeah. Anyways, I'm through with doing this crap. It was amusing for a while though, I'll admit that.